100mph wind, -20C Wind-Chill, Horizontal Spindrift - One hell of a place to go to work!

26th Aug 2010

Just seen the latest advert from Marmot for next seasons top of the range two piece (trousers and jacket) combo. Looks very Red but you certainly would'nt get lost in a blizzard in it! I remember the day well, it was bloody freezing hanging on a rope photographing the legendary Glenmore Lodges chief instructor George McEwan. First i got cold, then i got wet, or did i get wet then cold, i guess it does'nt really matter. What i do remember is scooping copious amounts of spindrift off the front element of my Nikon 14mm-24mm/2.8 and praying the "O-ring" sealed body of my D700 actually worked (it did)

I would shoot a couple of frames and then tuck the camera away inside my jacket after trying to wipe off the water with a chamois cloth. Like many of the photographs i take the whole process seems to be far more satisfying retrospectively. Yes, sitting in the warmth of the Glenmore Lodge cafe late in the afternoon, a change of dry clothes, tucking into a piece of home made cake washed down with piping hot tea and some great banter, things just don't seem as bad as they actually were! I wasn't really shivering uncontrollabley on the end of a rope. My eyelid was never actually frozen to the viewfinder of my camera and i could of course totally feel my fingers when i pressed the shutter release, all of the time.

Check out part of my afternoons work below, both the original and the advert, as well as another photo we took the following morning in slightly better conditions.

ad marmot 210x210 advertorial page v2


George Macewin Scottish Winter

Marmot Winter catalogue