Knights Revisited

9th Aug 2010

Last month i posted a photograph taken on world cup final day. It wasn't a photo illustrating goal scoring on an international scale, but it did illustrate an athlete of a world class standard, taken on this occasion in a car park in North London. The photo showed IFBB Pro bodybuilder Carmen Knights.


Well it showed her from the neck down and since the news item appeared on the website we've received 100's of emails asking just what the anonymous lady looked like from the neck up? (you could all have logged onto the links i posted along with the photo, but hey! - or

The photo was taken just a week out from a Pro competition Carmen was taking part in out in Florida and we were very lucky that she agreed to take time out for the shoot - we really wanted to capture her in this incredible condition.

So for those who asked here's Miss knights, shot agains't the same wonderful door, but with the sun firmly behind a large black cloud and a ring flash, from the neck up - enjoy.