Pabbay revisited

19th Jul 2010

Last month I wrote about my trip to the small Hebridean island of Pabbay. The trip caused quite a storm in the climbing world and even though the climbers were unsuccessful in their attempt to onsight the "Great Arch" the world wide climbing media descended on them (and me) wanting the story and photos. So for two weeks i was pretty much computer bound getting all the photos edited and sent out. First up an edit for Marmot, the expeditions sponsors. Then it was edits for climber and Climb, the two British climbing magazines and There was also quite a bit of interest from the USA (one of the 1st ascentists, Lynn Hill was American) so Rock and Ice took content for a web based piece which they call an "e-blast" and Climbing are running it in there magazine. Then other European titles started to pick up on the piece and my email started to ping with regular "any chance, can we have's" To date the trips being featured in 5 magazines across Europe, 2 in America and even Japan. It's also featured on 11 news related websites (that I know about) and is being run in both brochures and on very large banners at the international outdoor event Friedrichshafen.


 It's not over yet either - I've just put together a short edit for a piece written by Britains "numero uno" climber Mr. Ste McClure about the trip and already working on more edits for an audio-visual which is being put together with Lucy and Steve (the climbers) for what is destined to be a great evenings entertainment at this years Kendal Film Festival - watch this space.