Stranger than fiction

30th Jun 2010

 Just look who i metorphorically bumped into the other day. I was out on location with the BBC and one of the crew mentioned that Ebenezer Scrooge was buried in the nearby church yard of St.Chads. I guess i must have looked a little quizzical, so he told me the whole story. When filming the 1984 "A christmas Carol" the grave yards in (where a christmas carol was set) London were'nt enough like the graveyards in London! if that makes any sense. So the production team started to scour the land and came up with the one at St.Chads in Shrewsbury, which also just happens to be where Charles Darwin was baptised in 1809. Evidently it looked more like what they envisaged a graveyard from that era should look like. Happy with the overall ambience of the place, lots of big old overgrown tombs  it required just one more thing, the head-stone of Scrooge, all 6ft of it. The grave was so convincing that when filming ceased it was left for all to come and marvel at the final resting place of Ebenezer Scrooge.