Happy 100th Dirt Magazine

21st Jun 2010

The Mountainbike magazine Dirt celebrated its 100th issue this month and i for one would ike to wish them a great big HAPPY BIRTDAY.

I first discovered "The Dirt" on the counter of my local bike shop. sometime back in the early "noughties" It hadn't reached the mainstream outlets yet, and from that very first encounter it was Love at first sight. Back then it was a bi-monthly read and from that very first day when i picked in up i haven't missed an issue. I have to be honest i bought it purely and simply on the strength of the photos and layout of the magazine. When all the other magazines were looking pretty similar, this extravaganza to all things downhill was a breath of fresh air to me. The photos lept of the page at you a combination of in your face action and more low key rider in the lanscape and B&W's. The layouts complimented the photos perfectly squeezing every last little bit of available space to show them off right under your nose. The writing in any magazine, at least for me is always secondry. When i'm scanning the shelves i'm always drawn to the best most vibrant images and that usually means Dirt, but i love the writing too, irreverent yet not disrespectful best sums it up. Writers who are passionate about their sport and want to share that passion with you.

For their 100th issue the guys at Dirt - The Dirty Guys! - have put together "100 things that are important in mountainbiking right now" what a task to give yourself, of course you might disagree with them but thats probably what they want, to provoke a reaction from their readers and create conversations and arguments up and down the country.

If you've never read dirt magazine check it out, you can get a copy at pretty much any w.h.smiths these days and probably your local bike shop, or check out their website here and watch some great videos of all the incrdeible action thats going on in the land of Bikes.


                  Happy 100th issue Dirt Magazine