Lovin my IPhone!

17th Jun 2010

Rewind the clock just a matter of a few months and i would have said i NEVER use the camera on my phone, why would i i'm a photographer? Why, would i want to take photos on a poxy camera phone when i've got the latest full frame Nikon? Loads of other people record their everyday lives on the in-built camera on their phone, its the only camera many of them carry or even own, but not me. I guess you could say i'm a bit of a "photo snob" That and of course the fact that the camera on 1st generation IPhones was like shooting through the bottem of a steamed up milk bottle (at a time when my girlfriends Sony was already sporting a nifty 6mp and a flashgun), although Mr.Jobs and his team of marketing aficianados would tell you different! So my Phone was used primarilly to conduct business on and even though i hate to admit it i absolutely love using it to send emails and during the week when i'm away travelling the only reason i ever plug in my laptop is to download images from the days shoot and back them up, all my other business is conducted using my phone.

About 6 weeks ago i managed to drop my phone into my dogs water bowl. A long story which involves breaking at high speed while driving through central London, my phone on the seat and the dog bowl still full of water in the foot-well, work it out! After many hours of coaxing out the last dregs of moisture and a very nearly "start" it died. I mourned its passing for about a week, i even tried to use another phone (with a decent camera on it) but in the end even though i'd once been a "non-believer" using the little keyboard with real buttons just seemed SO wrong, so after minimal deliberation i bought a new "State of the art" IPhone.

I'm not actually sure why i started to use the camera in my phone, i think it coincides with when i first started using "Twitter" Didn't really have much to say, so here's a photo to look at instead. Somewhere down the line i actually started liking the whole process. Add in a free download from the apps store called Photoshop Mobile, which has some pretty funky little tricks up its sleeve and finally today i bought "ColorSplash" a great little editing tool which allows you to select/de-select areas to paint in color for the grand total of £1.19.

I'm still not really shooting "just stuff" but i'm trying to capture things which i find interesting and take a shot with perhaps an idea of returning with my real camera (see Skateboard photo in Skateboarding section) so i guess you could say i'm shooting reference and i'm Lovin it.


IPhone 3GS + PSMobile + ColorSplash - Old Skateboard in my back yard




IPhone 3GS + PSMobile - Leopard Camden Lock



IPhone 3GS + PSMobile + ColorSplash - "Life" in Sheffield