17th May 2010

Just wanted to say a few "shout outs" to all those people who helped me out over the last two weeks while i've been working in Chamonix / Annecy.  Firstly a huge thanks must go to Steph at Adventure Base / Dream Guides for helping me out sourcing models. I was slightly stuck for a psuedo "young couple" for a days shooting in Annecy. I wanted to use locals if at all possible but hadn't been able to find anyone suitable before i arrived (not for want of trying) Plan B was to hang out in a few coffee shops or bars and introduce myself to anyone who looked like they might be able to fill the part - they didn't need to be an actual couple. However before having to embarass myself too much Steph came to my rescue by posting a request on "Cham-Share" an internet community based in the Chamonix area. Lucy and i were having lunch at an exceptionally crap restaraunt (another story) less than an hour since Steph had posted "models required" when my phone started "pinging" as the emails started to land. An hour later i had 12 prospective models, Two hours and the tally had doubled, by the next morning over 30 people had replied. I made a select of 10 and emailed it to the client back in the Uk by the 12 a.m deadline. By 14:00 we had our "happy couple" by 15:00 the "Happy couple" had been informed, agreed and arrangemnts had been made to meet up the following week, result.

I just want to say a huge "thanks" to all of you who replied to my request and went to the trouble of uploading photographs. I wish i could have used you all, you all looked magnicifant - especially the Retro American waitress, The young lady in a corset with a skier jumping over her head and the James Dean look-a-like.

In the end we chose Pete (extreme skier) and Alice (The retro American waitress - wonderful) who, believe it or not were once an actual couple. I shot with them last Tuesday and they were both great, relaxed in a "kiwi" fashion and a pleasure to work with - thanks guys.

I'm back in the UK today (sunday 23rd) but heading off again later this afternoon. I'll try and get some news stuff up over the next week about the last 3 shoots i've been working on and a proper "Thank you" to all those that have been involved.

Best Tim