Chamonix - Gone Fishing

15th May 2010

Chamonix came and went in a misty wet haze. We arrived in rain, the first day of shooting had to take place over in Italy due to the fact we couldn't actually see above the Tree line due to fog, we managed about 4 shots which to be honest was all we could expect given the intermittent rain.


We awoke to the sound of heavey rain on Saturday, it didn't stop or even slow down for most of the day. We avidly watched the webcams on both the Mer de glace and the Aiguille de Midi, but all we could see were thick blankets of grey and white - the rain on the valley floor was snow high up. In the end  work for the day was cancelled so we went for a walk to have a look at a crag justy over the boarder in Switzerland.

















The best thing i managed to photograph that day were these awesome Bee-Hives in the wood just below the crag which in the end, i couldn't be bothered to even walk to!

Bee Hive