The Zen of Packing

11th May 2010

I hate packing. I always have and always will. Probably because i'm crap at it, i seem to favour the "everything and the kitchen sink" genre of packing. I get worried and break out into a sweat when i see things in the singular. "Only one 70mm-200mm? just hold on a minute, what if" there's also always a "what if" for the last 4 days i've been packing, not 24hr round the clock packing you understand, but packing in a kind of relaxed, can't quite get my head round all this, kind of a way. You see the problem i'm having, the problem with packing more so on this trip than usual, is i'm working back to back on three seperate shoots spanning three weeks, in three different locations, shooting three different activities for three very different clients - all out of the same bags and each different shoot needs different gear and presents a whole range of their own logistics.

Shoot 1 - Commercial work illustrating mixed snow and rock climbing using models - End result printed winter brochure and web based images.

Shoot 2 - Commercial work illustrating hiking and camping in a sunny enviroment shot in a Panoramic format using models - End result web based images and printed banners for the clients shops.

Shoot 3 - Commercial and editorial work illustrating travel, rock climbing and extreme locations - End result printed brochure, multi-media presentation and magazine article.

packing 2






















Box N0 1 (of 5) The Elinchrom Quadra gear.

So far i've managed to get it down to 5 big bags, 2 carry on's, 2 rucksacks full of rigging gear and of course the camping gear and food (hopefully they'll be water on the island) - watch this space for updates over the next few weeks.