Going Pano

1st Apr 2010

Shooting any kind of commercial work is always challenging. Working to a brief, with models and in a foreign location always adds that little "extra" to the mix. 

I'd recently been involved with a new client and had been discussing the possibility of working with them to produce images for their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. we'd just about done as much as we could via email and phone so we arranged a "face to face" meeting to iron out the finer points. It all went well and i took a real shine to the "team" handling the shoot. As the meeting finally drew to a successful conclusion, we all stand, shake hands and complement each other on a job "almost" well done. It's then they throw in they're "curve ball" no malice intended, just in passing "and don't forget, all the images need to be shot in Panoramic format, so we can use them as a masthead on our website" Whoa, where did that spring from. It was the first i'd heard about it, but in a strange perverse kind of way it seemed quite exotic and exciting.

The shoot, well at least the first part was out in France, Les Ecrins valley to be precise and to be honest i didn't really fancy lugging any more stuff than the useual "squillion" bits and pieces around with me. We're shooting digital these days so surely i couldn't be expected to carry  something like a Fuji 617 as well! I needn't have worried 35mm full frame was just fine, they gave me the exact "crop" they needed (10:4) all i need to do was somehow translate that to what i was seeing through my viewfinder, easier said than done.


 I'm sure the experts amongst you will sqirm with embarrassment as i tell you just how i got the crop i needed, easy really. Take photo, import into Nikon NX2, custom crop fixed aspect ratio to 10:4 (see below) all i had to do now was match the crop on the computer with the image on the camera display and put some tape over the cover to mark the exact area(see above).

Prayer Flags

Next switch on the grid in the viewfinder and "hey presto" snap away in panoramic. Worked really well and wasn't too hard on the old brain. Check out one of the photos from the shoot, Robin, Louise and Giles at breakfast.


                                                    Robin Loxley - Louise Kennedy - Giles Cornah