messing about in the snow

12th Jan 2010

I woke up and there was nearly a foot of snow in our back garden. That was a week ago and although some of it's gone now, out in the Peak District (a ten minute drive, maybe 20 with drifting snow on the roads) its still lying pretty thick. Up on the hills its virtually untouched. Two feet of powder, fresh tracks to be made and for anyone with the slightest interest in the "Outdoors" its been a bit of a "must do" just getting out.

Lucy Creamer shelters from the wind

Lucy Creamer Mam Tor, Derbyshire.

Opportunities like this don't often come our way here in England. With the schools shut and the majority of main roads open a large part of the populace headed to the hills. On the days we couldn't because the roads were blocked, we headed to the parks, built a kicker and went jumping instead, mind that only lasted a day and we've been out everyday since then.

Fun in the snow

"One to the head"

Meilee Rafe - Mam Tor

Meilee Rafe, Back Tor, Derbyshire.